Is discussion a spolier?

Possible Spolier for The Good Place. a sitcom about the after life.

I wanted to tweet and post some thoughts on a comedy I’m currently enjoying weekly on tv. I noticed season 1 is also on Netflix now, and word of mouth is good.

I surprised myself tonight with a spontaneous realization lightbulb moment at 2am while laying in bed not falling asleep.

Two Actually, followed by a bit of surprise it took me this long to figure out a possible ending. I’m not sure if that makes me feel happy or sad actually. Clicking on this link will open a new world for you. I get a somewhat equal pleasure from figuring out a great ending, and then a second pride point and moment of pleasure seeing I was right, and still enjoying how it played out. If I’m wrong, which I often am because my scenarios tend to be over thinking the alternate scenarios that are just in my brain.

I wanted to post my story theories public but I stopped. I don’t want to call out the plot twist ending before it’s even aired. Suddenly, I realized I do that. It’s one of my sins. When watching tv or a movie, I’ve previously blogged about how much I enjoy thinking on multiple levels when I watch something.

I love figuring out who did it. If somebody is in the room watching with me, I’ll say it out loud. Many times I’ll be right and in essence I was spoiing the story for anyone near me that enjoys watching a show as it unfolds.

If I was right, it’s really no different than yelling out who won the sports game you’re watching or who wins Survivor. It is an evil I never really fully understood until this moment.

More frequently, my ideas would be wrong or even way off, but I’d still blurt them out without regard to those just trying to watch.

It’s hard for me to watch things with somebody, and stay quiet. I double my joy when I share. In my mind, every time I was wrong about a story scenario, I’d consider it a bonus gift. Almost as if I got to see two shows. One, imagined in enough detail to enjoy the story in my head, and the one the writers chose to tell.

I try not to compare unless I think mine was significantly better. I suppose it’s fine to discuss a wrong scenario after the fact… But in today’s world, there is no after the fact.

Although it can be irritating at times, overall I am happy our new streaming world allows for anyone to enjoy some of the series I enjoyed but they missed.

We can certainly talk about things we’ve both seen as friends. I just have to learn not to blurt. That might be too hard a life change, but I can certainly not post in public to Facebook.

Side zeppelin. My Google keyboard is going wonko tonight.

Finally… The revelations, which I sincerely hope are not so blatantly obvious to everyone else that I appear foolish. I don’t want to be like the guy that tells you Liberace was gay.

I expect a few D’uh comments but not everyone.

All it takes to keep me happy is one good fan.

1. I wish I’d posted before the latest episode where Eleanor is clearly the one he cares about, but it’s obvious she was always the only one he cares about.

She was the only one of the four that had a moral dilemma. The only one with a story of guilt and secrets. She was the only one with any reason to suspect anything.

So I realized, what if the entire thing is just for Elenore?

Then of course, the lightbulb turns to many as my imagination fills in the story.

Bam. The other 3 really are not even horrible people. Mildly annoying perhaps but actually, right from episode 1, they’ve been quite nice. I can’t believe I never noticed it.

Cheady is one of the nicest people you’re likely to meet in an afterlife. His fault is indecision and a lack of confidence which renders him unable to choose, but when he does, it’s the nice answer that hurts the least. That’s a mental health issue but certainly good place worthy.

Bam. Wait. The other 3 are all traits we can relate to. The rich snobby fake one is also super nice from day one. Her personality is flawed, but she’s certainly not worthy of the bad place they keep describing. They’re bad place is extreme and over the top. Jason may be an idiot but he’s the scarecrow with the wrong gang. Jason was never worthy of the bad place.

Elenore may be relatable in parts, because I think many people have been horrible people in moments. Over our lives, perhaps many moments. Certainly by the standards of their fictional good place.

If the other three are analogies I don’t know if they are humans too, or guides. The entire show may be the actual norm. It is your after death test. Perhaps the same for everyone or just for Elenore.

It seems clear. Episode after episode we all really only cares about Elenore. She was tested over and over. She had three tutors especially chosen to compliment her traits  but it always had to be her choice. The others were either designed or chosen to not be of help in that way. Cheesy, Jason and even Janet could support but every plan, every use and every solution had to be, and was always Elenore.

I’m shocked I didn’t notice that. The other three never felt danger of not being in the good place at all.

Ding. Oh wait. Jason did. I forgot, but that was more just to give him a reason to be one of the four. I’d like to see them be real, but selected pawns never really in any risk.

I’d be content if the series ended in the town Micheal created, or some good place where they all live happily ever after as the 5. Janet included.

It might end with Elenore getting another 10 years on earth which would certainly be the writers easiest ending for a story essentially about the controversial concept of heaven.

I need the ending to be such that everyone watching doesn’t leave with the feeling like they would certainly not make the criteria of heaven.

That would suck. It’s otherwise a very cheerful story. I thought I would not like season two but they did it.

#smileworthy #praiseworthy #shareworthy

My Porn Star Lover

If you’re a woman, you deal with perverted men as a part of life, and men may never quite understand. If you’re a man, you deal with fake chat requests from women almost always somewhere in Africa pretending to be American and seeking a loving husband.  This one was better than most.  She only hit on a few of the recognizable cliches.

This is the random photo she used.

I WISH she was real. I’d date a former porn star in a minute.

It happend this night. I switched

I was about ti wrute a new blog post this Tu

Restart. I had the auto correct settings slightly wrong. I’m happy with my choice to change my own normal. I both love and hate change depending on how much notice I have. I can not however livecwithout change.

The greatest stories of our life begin with change. Your universe expands.

Let’s get serious.

I need help, and I honestly think, for the right person with the right smile that changes me and … I lost the word.

No. I delayed long enough for the original thought to flow down my stream and now I have to decide. I want to tell the one I can share in public.

Fuck. That sent shivers. I will not share this on the public blog without edits.

Idea. I will edit all these and for a book forward with propped edits to make it less maniac, maniac at your door, because she’s dancing like she’s never danced before. However the first draft of always be available forces change one as an according option.


I am getting excited that a small trickle of people have seen this blog.


I insist on sticking to the titiliar topic. I only learned that word recently. It scored two points for a word I’ll use, and 2 bonus points because it has to in it and people will smile when they hear it. Some words get points just because they’re fun to say or flash memory to sex.

The old ha ha… He said Uranus humour.


This is an historic moment. I have been impressed with my last cool gadget buy from China back when I was carefree and wanted things. It was a cheap windows 8 tablet that could dual boot in old Android.

I loved it, and promptly upgraded to windows 10 with a 128gb memory card back when it was free. The tablet worked fantastic and never gave me issue, except some internet connection issues that were common among these China cheapie. My first try buy failed in 3 weeks. This was my second try. I think 199. Maybe I lost $220

I love it.

I looked at the Android boot and it was old ugly icons that reminded me of my first 49 China Cherokee tablets. I never went back to Android because I already had my phone and the Nexus 7 in my bed  this tablet was iPad size, but thin and light.

So what changed? I opened my blog page in chrome and started to blog. I have actually cool Bluetooth keyboard I could easily buy and resell or just review. It’s special.

I looked down. It had not capitalized my sentence. It had not fixed anything. It highlighted the words it could recognize as wrong but some were just not in the database. I sighed. Oh yeah.

Just then it hits me. I’m not using windows as much as Android. Ding… I think, I can make that ugly Android look modern I get. I downloaded the new Google now launcher, and essentials. This tablet is amazing in bed. I can use the fantastic Gboard keyboard with Google search and bitmoji built right in. It’s way faster than WordPress was on thereunder 10 OS.

I also have the hard keyboard. If I look, I may even mirror my Samsung here.




Memento Blogging

I just realized my Blog is like the movie Memento. It can be read backwards, and you learn what everything means in reverse, eventually. Imagine if I wrote it as a book, but one that was designed and styled to be read backwards. You start at age 100 with the current blog, and it reads backwards. Nothing makes sense until you read more.



Eric the half a bee.

As I was falling asleep with my mouth slightly open because if the congestion when I heard a bee. I can’t be sure that it was a bee, but it was certainly louder than an average fly. It might have been an above-average fly. Superfly? I’ve seen some really big flies over the past few years. Not science fiction horror movie big like the spiders, but the flies that would have made the football teams in fly world.

I listened for a while as it buzzed around making that strange sound that insects make as they jig Jag back and forth in different directions. It seemed to be staying in the air longer than I expected, has insects often fly from place to place but never for very long in the air. As Time passed, I started to think, maybe it’s not a fly. Or Abby. Maybe it’s some electrical sound that I haven’t heard before. It almost sounds like a man shaving his beard at 3 a.m.

Then suddenly I realized. It must be the lady upstairs using her vibrator.

I was able to fall asleep without the fear of an insect in my mouth.


Reframing Frustration.

One valuable lesson I learned in therapy was reframing. It’s the ability to take a situation and look at it from a different perspective.  I’ve always been skilled at that, as my brain defaults to looking at situations from multiple angles. I just didn’t have a name for it.  It fits in well with my main storyline, which is that we all get to write our own story.

This morning I had car trouble. Nothing too significant, but enough to make me late… or actually, force me to cancel.

I hate being late, and even more, I hate cancellations when I’m the one making them.  I don’t mind a bit when others do it to me, but that’s a different story about introverts.

This cancellation was even more emotional than normal because the appointment was a reschedule from a previous one I totally spaced on and missed… the worst of all my fears. I hate letting people down, and not showing up for an appointment is probably the worst of my sins. It means the person waiting was left uncertain… and that is a horrible feeling.

I’ve always hated waiting for people and being an obsessive time sensitive guy that happens to be the one amongst my friends that drives and owns a car, it was something I did a lot. I am constantly the one waiting for people who need a ride. I’m on time… they’re not. Today’s story is about how I made somebody else wait.

I posted this one facebook:


When all else fails, make sure you get to tell a great story.
— Jeff Goebel

I think in my head that a smile makes it worth it, in a strange way. I didn’t make my customer wait long before I notified her, although I suppose she cleared her schedule for me, and now has to re-plan her morning, but it was a minimal inconvenience, and so far already, I’ve seen a few likes, and smiles and even a real genuine #rLOL.

My car is broken, I cance4lled a rescheduled appointment, but this isn’t affecting my day or my mood.

Happy Friday, thanks to reframing the bad as good.

Another Random Woman saying Hi

Every so often, a stranger will pop up on my instant messenger apps and say Hello.  Conversations usually go somewhat similar to this: Hello  Jeff

Jeff Goebel: Hello.

03h: How are You Doing

Jeff Goebel: Oh I see. So this is one of those random stranger messages that I’m supposed to believe actually happen to guys.

03h: Well I Followed You On Google+ i taught i could say Hi , just trying to make frends
nothing more
mean no harm too

Jeff Goebel: No worries. Random gorgeous women say Hi to me all the time. (hehehe) Ok, not really.
I apologize for sounding hostile. As a woman, you must get random messages from guys on message formats too. SOmetimes I jump the gun and become defensive before they even tell me about their web site or chatroom cams. (grin)

03h: lol i unstands Jeff

03h: lol  Any I’m Kim, I stay in Texas How about You? 

Jeff Goebel: I’m in Toronto Canada.
I’m still pretty suspicious you’re in Africa somewhere and the request is pending…. but Hello. I am sorry life has made me disbelieve blonde strangers with candy.


oh well.. I ruined a beautiful relationship I guess… grumpy old man that I am.

03h: What do you mean that am in Africa where the hell is that

Even if I believed, She doesn’t know where Africa is? The improper use of pronouns is always a dead giveaway of an African scammer.  They never use “I am” but often just am.

Jeff Goebel: heheh.. Nevermind. Hello. Happy Tuesday. In Canada, it’s a holiday so I call it Fake Monday.

03h: LOL

Jeff Goebel: Was there a question, or some comment? Just a friendly hello from a fan? I almost never post to Google+
Jeff Goebel: I know… I’m weird. Not what you expected.

03h: really
Jeff Goebel: I like to be different.

03h: same here
Jeff Goebel: Well you are different… except not too different from Gisele Martin.

click. She disconnects.

This is the 32pixel thumbnail she’s using in her GTalk profile:

This is the Google Image compare I performed:

This is Gisele Martin:



I like the idea if Sunday, even if it isn’t actually Sunday. I often post on my Facebook wall that “I am Sundaying”  as an expression of laziness.

Perhaps laziness isn’t the right word. When done right,  a Sunday isn’t about being lazy so much as just setting aside a day to not do the stuff you do the rest of the week. For those of you that work 5 or 6 days a week at a more regular job, a lot of Sundays are filled with hard work. I’ve seen people with hobbies or the urge to build spend every weekend remodelling a basement,  or rebuilding a car,  or offroading into the forest to hike a mountain or shoot a deer.  The point is, to many people,  Sunday is a very active day.

I don’t work a regular job. I don’t leave my home to earn my income, so there is often no difference to me between a Tuesday and a Sunday. My weekends can be any day I want, but I still choose to celebrate weekends with everyone else. Neat things open on a weekend,  and since I don’t have a real hobby. I enjoy street festivals and fairs and other walk around events,  and many of them happen on a Saturday or Sunday.

So I alternate as schedule permits and sometimes I have my Sunday on the Saturday, like I did today. Today is Saturday for everyone else,  but I Sundayed it up, doing very little. I went and bought some meat and veggies at the market, and then just stayed home inside all day watching movies and TV. Relaxation. Sunday.

Tomorrow on your Sunday I’ll be out on  Saturday adventure.